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May Special

We are doing things a little differently for May in honor of National Foster Care Month. Instead of putting a pair of earrings on sale, we are going to donate all proceeds from the sale of our May Special earrings to Isaiah 117 House. Part of our mission as a business is to bring more awareness to children in the foster care system. Please read on to learn more about Isaiah 117 House.

Isaiah 117 House provides physical and emotional support for children awaiting foster care placement.  They seek to reduce trauma for kids on removal day, lighten the load for caseworkers, and ease the transition for their placement.

Right now, when a child comes in to foster care there is a "waiting period" while caseworkers work to try and find a safe and loving placement for them.  During this time, kids are often waiting in conference rooms in the CPS office building or the backseat of the caseworker's car. 

 Isaiah 117 House believes that together, we can change the way that foster care begins by building a home for kiddos to come to while they are awaiting placement.  Caseworkers will have a place to work, volunteers will love on the kids and meet their needs, all in the comfort of a home.  It's our chance to speak the powerful truth of the Gospel into what is truly a terrible day for all involved.  Together we get to say, Love, you're not alone!  

Click here to learn more about Isaiah 117 House.

Below you will find our May Special earrings. They are our all-time best-sellers. Grab a pair for you and a few friends and help us bless Isaiah 117 House!

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